Sunday, January 02, 2011

Start of the New Year

Feel accomplished, and it’s only day two of 2011.

First, I got both Texter and Savvy’s rooms under control – for now.  It’s up to them from here on out.  However, my area did manage to get overlooked, but that is part of the rest of my vacation.

Secondly, I have started reinforcing my writing goals.  Blogging, journaling, organizing my space – all in an effort to write more and better.  My immediate goal is by next Sunday to have all my writing ‘stuff’ in one place I can easily put my hands on it.  That’s ok, except for one minor issue – I can’t find my folder with my family cookbook information in it.  And that’s troubling.  I still have a couple more places to look – like buried under some other items on one of the bookshelves.

Third, I have my calendar ready to go and between my paper take-along calendar and the google calendar online, I can keep myself on track better.  However, I am not being stupid about this.  I know if I don’t have some play time (ie World of Warcraft) I won’t get anything done.  So I am scheduling that it also.  And as a sidebar, was having connection issues with my WOW account yesterday and while on the phone with the tech, we got Texter’s WOW account under her name now.  That way all her friends will know it’s her and will talk to her online instead of being afraid it’s me.  You really don’t know what a big deal that is around here, but it’s major.

Fourth, I have recommitted myself to planning out meals a little better and eating a little better.  Of course, this comes from the person who has apple pie non-cinnamon rolls rising in the oven for breakfast.  But I used fresh apples!  I would really like to give the Once A Month cooking plan a try, or at least in my case, a Twice a Month cooking plan.  Our work/school schedule is going to be so hectic I would like to have a plan in place for feeding the masses (can 3 be a mass?)

So now, I will sip my coffee and journal a bit.  Won’t start on the dishes in the sink because I don’t want to wake the other two masses.  It’s a gray day and I plan on enjoying it to the end. 

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