Sunday, January 19, 2014

Anticipating Finishes and Starts

Tonight is the premier of Season 3 of 'Sherlock'.  So with an episode of 'Downton Abbey', I have a couple of hours of "DO NOT DISTURB" in my future.  Of course, Lady K does make this difficult at times, but hopefully between Gibbs and Texter (if she is not working), I will have my wish.

So while indulging in TV goodness, I will hopefully get the last 30 or so rows of my fingerless mitts completed.  They are on my list of January finishes and now that "Snowfall Shawl" is done, they are next to be completed.

Unfortunately, I brought home a book from the library, Vogue Knitting The Ultimate Hat Book, which is full of hats I want to knit in the future.  I have some yarn I purchased 'just because' and need to go through and see what will work with what.  

I think I am going to have to buy this book as there are so many hats in it I want to do.  So for February, I think I am going to find a hat and have it on my February WIP list if I can find some yarn to fit a pattern.  Otherwise, I have yarn to make a pair of socks for Savvy and another monkey hat for Lady K.  But since Lady K doesn't like hats (and has several as it is), I might make the monkey hat for me.  I have really bright, primary colors to knit this one in already.

Monday, Texter and I are both off work (except for a couple of hours where I play library brownie and go in and check in books so we are overwhelmed on Tuesday).  Hopefully, she can help me get a layout set up for 'Fractured Grinch'.

I would really love to get this top sewn together over the next couple of days so that I can get the backing laid out and the whole thing basted together.  If that is done, then I will add it to my February list for actually getting it quilted and bound.

And I need to get my flying geese for 'Joy' done.  I missed the class due to baby sitting duties (sigh).  I also have to look and see what is due for February.

For February, I would like to get the shirts I have deconstructed and ready to be cut up for a quilt.  If 'Grinch' is done, then I need to get it quilted and bound and would like to get my Disappearing Four Patch quilted.  It's ready to go, just need to sit down and do it.

It's a nice lap quilt size and it's a shame not to use it.  

With another day off in February from the library, I would like to get the alphabet blocks finished up. They just need seaming, stuffing and closed.  I can seam, Texter stuff and then I can close them up.  Lady K would love playing with them.

All these projects would be off my WIP list!  And I haven't spent an extra dime on anything (except for maybe the book).

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