Friday, January 03, 2014

Reflection on 101 Things

Several years ago (boy, does time fly) I came up with a list of 101 things I wanted to accomplish.  With all that has gone on (I think it is called life), the list fell by the wayside.  As part of my 'reflection' on 2013, I went back and resurrected the list and updated it with my current life status.

101 Things

1. Take a writing workshop.
while not a writing workshop, I did complete NaNoWriMo for 2013 and feel the
need to continue with my writing.  I have been in a slump with it, so it has given
me a new outlook.  Also, there is a guy at work who has 4 books on Amazon
that he e-published, so there is another push.  And a co-worker is also a ken writer,
        so I have all kinds of incentive to really get going.

2. Take some art journaling classes.

I am putting a hold my art journaling for a bit and concentrating on my sewing 
and knitting instead.  However, I think I would like to put together a class on
art journaling for the library when I get some of my stuff here from North 

3. Learn belly dancing.

This one might be dropped from the list.  I am trying (but, not very hard at times)
to get into shape for hiking.  Maybe I should change this to being able to hike up
a steep hillside without dying.

4.  Write the first of my novels.

This is definitely on my list of things to do.  Since I have the push from 
NaNoWriMo, I will be getting what I have organized and in process shortly.  My
goal is to have it ready to start pounding out by the first of the year.

5. Design my own Christmas cards.

Well, not this year, but definitely next year.  I take some great pictures and I don’t
see why I can’t do my own cards. 

6. Visit Biltmore Estate.

Being 2400 miles away rather than a couple hundred make this a little difficult
now.  So I think I will change it to be visit Glacier and Yellowstone Parks instead.

7.  Go on a silent retreat.

I will have to check and see if there is anywhere around it for that, but I think it 
will be a little difficult with the other plans I have for the coming year.  Maybe I
can ‘un-plug’ for a day during Christmas and enjoy the peace and quiet.

8. Write everyday.

This seems to be happening on a more regular basis.  Hopefully, I can
increase it and make it a daily ‘thing’.

9.  Have acupuncture done.

Definitely on my list of to-do’s.  I will have to check and see if it is covered
by my insurance here.
10. Take a fiber arts class.

This is definitely completed - many times over now.  I have taken several
quilting classes and working on quilts and other ‘fiber’ projects.  Makes
me very happy to have at least 1 thing DONE.

11.  Finish a pair of knitted socks.

Moving that to the top of my ‘to-do’ list knitwise.

12.  Enter a writing contest.

Will try to remember to do this.

13.  Get another tattoo, possibly the one Texter drew for me.

Not feeling it now.  So we shall see.

14. Go through and index my journals.

Since I would like to teach an art journaling/journaling class at the library
this would really be a help.  But I need to get my stuff from NC first.

15.  Learn to read tarot better.

Tabling this idea for now.

16.  Visit another Ren Faire in another state.


17. Work on botanical drawing certificate.

Since I don’t think there is anywhere in Montana to do this, I will remove this
from my list.  I would still like to do botanical drawing, but that type of art is 
taking a back seat to fiber arts for now.

18.  Get my degree in creative writing, English or History.

Well on my way.  I should have my Graphic Arts certification in May, 2014
and my Associates degree, all but a couple of classes.  I then have to
find someplace here to transfer to.

19.  Learn calligraphy.

Since there is a lady who comes into the library who teaches it as a
continuing education class at Helena College, I will have to check into
this.  But once again, it’s not fiber arts which is what I am concentrating
on now.

20.  Learn to spin wool.

Will have to check on the continuing ed class at Helena College on this one -
it involves fibers!

21.  Get a good bike for myself.

Still a plan.  And more time on the recumbent bike too.

22.  Walk/run a half marathon.

Right now I am concentrating on making it up and down mountains.  I guess
I should change this to be able to hike up Mt. Helena without effort.

23.  Get Photoshop and learn more about digital photography.

Getting my certification in Graphic Design accomplishes this one.

24.  Learn more about aromatherapy.

25. Attend a goddess workshop/gathering.

26.  Buy or make a white, gauzy dress.

Did and wore it out.

27.  Finish up on the family history.  Visit and take pictures of some sites.

This is be difficult based on current family history.

28.  Buy a new towel every pay day.

I’m adding some sheets to this too.  But I really need to get more towels.

29.  Go to the theater in NYC.

Putting this one aside for now.

30. Go visit a new or long-lost friend in another state.

I will try and meet up with Marie in Washington next year.

31.  Canoe down the Eno River.

Replacing this with kayaking down the Missouri.

32. Finish my family cookbook.

Want it done in 2014!

33. Cook a new dish once a week.

Back on the front burner, so to speak.

34.  Find my ‘scent’.  Wear perfume every day for 30 days.

Considering some people are work are sensitive to fragrances, dropping
this one.

35. Create a garden area at the new Ren Faire area.

There is no Ren Faire area and I am no longer in NC, so dropping this one.

36. Scrapbook my high school stuff.

It’s in storage, so will have to wait.

37. Have an art-journaling-to-go bag.

Art journaling is on the back burner for now.

38. Learn to make illuminated letters and do the complete alphabet.

Dropping this one.

39. Offer a giveaway on my blog.

Next week in fact!

40. Do something active at least 30 minutes every day.

        Does chasing after a 9 month old count?  Didn't think so.

41. Pick a month and do a picture a day.

Actually, I am trying to do a mandala a day in December for the holidays.  
Hopefully, I can take this forward and maybe start January with a picture a
day.  Maybe use it in journal form to document what I am doing on various 

42. Set up an altar and have a candle on it every day to burn.  Have a water feature.

Not to practical right now as I am sharing the house.  But I do want a ‘special’
place in my room for this.  If I can keep the clutter off my dresser, it might work.
The water feature has to be the 55 gallon aquarium we now have in the living

43.  Set up a more functional area for my art and sewing.

I have it in this house, a whole room devoted to storing my sewing/art supplies.
However, I have moved my sewing temporary into the living room so I can 
watch TV and stitch.  Will have to work on using my iPad for books/TV in the
sewing room.

44. Make a set of Soul Collage cards.

Removing from the list.

45. Meditate more.  Create a space to do it in.

Yes, I do need to meditate more.  I think if I get my altar on my dresser, then 
sitting on the bed and meditating will actually work.

46. Take a watercolor class.

Tabling this for a bit.  I am busy taking different quilting classes.

47. Get fitted for a bra and have 2-3 good bras on hand.  Get some sports bras.
Still on my to-do list.  Now I just need to find someplace here in Montana to do

48.  Have my makeup done by a professional and wear it to work every day for a

I did go to Clinique and get makeup done at the end of October.  Now to just
buy some and wear it.

49. Get a birding guide and start a list of birds I’ve seen.

Doing it! 

50.  Get new living room furniture (haven’t had any since 1984).

Did get a set in 2013.  An entertainment console and a new/used
sectional from the thrift store.  I also got myself a new bedroom
suite, complete with a new mattress.

51.  Do a gift advent calendar for the girls.

Did that in 2012.

52.  Wear biking shorts and not be embarrassed.

Not there - yet.

53.  Decorate my home with art I know where it comes from.

Doing that.

54. Make a will.

Not yet.

55. Have fresh flowers or plant in the house once a month.

Will do so in 2014.

56. Complete a NaNoWriMo.

Did in 2013.

57. Save $10,000 for an emergency fund.

Need to work on that!

58. Stick to my budget and record my expenses.  Be sure it’s updated with
every paycheck.

Will do in 2014.

59. Get a henna tattoo on my  hand.

Not yet.
60. Send a card/postcard or surprise to a friend every month.

Updated to once a week.  Will do post crossing again every month.

61.  Have nice bookshelves in my living room.

Not in this house.

62. Make a vision board.

2014 goal.

63. Reconnect with an old friend.


64. Get published somewhere, whether it be writing or art.

Good goal for 2014.

65. Do at least 1 challenge a month on the different groups I belong to.

Doing Moda U which is enough for now.

66. Update my wardrobe to suit ‘me’.

Doing that now.

67. Blog at least weekly.

Doing pretty good and will up my output in 2014.

68. Visit all the botanical gardens in North Carolina and draw and/or take pictures

Well, since I am no longer in North Carolina will have to update with a list of
places in Montana.

69. Do a facial once a month, at home or at beauty school.

In this dry climate, I need facials!

70. Take care of my nails for 30 days.

Did this.  My nails are so brittle I can’t keep them going.

71. Save my old photos.  Save those worth saving and trash the rest.

Did this in 2012/2013.

72.  Yoga more.  Attend a yoga workshop.

73. Learn a new technique for my journal every 2 months.

Switching from art journaling techniques to quilting techniques.

74. Do a craft table at work.

No longer at work to do it, but look into printing up and selling my mandalas.

75. Make a quilt for each of the girls.

Now onto multiple quilts for the girls.

76. Join a writing group.

Maybe start one at the library.

77.  Carry a notebook and pen wherever I go.

Do that. 

78. Finish my doll, “Luna”.

She is in storage, and to be honest, I don’t think she will ever be ‘finished’.

79. Visit the art museum in Charlotte.

That’s out now.  So I will be visiting the art museums in Helena and Great

80. Take Noel to dog obedience class so I can take her with me more on walks.

Changing that to Amani and hikes.

81. Have a spa weekend at home.

That will be interesting!

82. Create a garden on the balcony for herbs.

Will do that this summer so I can move it if we move.

83. Walk at least 10 different trails in North Carolina.

Changing that over to be 10 different trails in Montana.  Will on my way so far.

84. Wear earring and lipstick every day for a month.

OK, 2014.

85. Set up better study areas for all of us.

Yep, right now I am back in the living room on a tiny desk.

86. Go on a ‘picnic’ at least once a month, inside or outside.

Will have to try that in 2014.

87. Do some RAK to other artists with my unused art supplies.

Do a giveaway a month in 2014?

88. Treat myself to new fountain pens.


89. Get a camera with interchangeable lens and learn to really use it.


90. Plan my menus and shopping lists for better eating.

2014 - major goal

91. Join a garden co-op or community garden.

I need to check into community gardens in Helena.

92. Put curtains on all the windows (tastefully).

Done right now.

93. Explore my spirituality more fully.

Doing that, slowly, but surely.

94.  Visit the waterfalls in North Carolina.

Change that to the waterfalls in Montana.

95. Put Savvy’s writing and Texter’s drawings into book form.

Maybe 2015, when things are out of storage.

96. Learn to sharpen my knives for have them professionally sharpened.

Once they get out of storage.

97. Visit all the thrift stores in the area and make a list of the ones worth 

Already started.

98.  Learn Tai Chi.

Switching this to learning to back pack/hike.

99. Knit a lace shawl.

Still on the burner.

100. Review my list every 3 months and report back on my progress.

Schedule for 2014.

101. Keep updating my 1001 things list.

So there you have it.  It was fun seeing how some things changed and how other things remained the same.

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