Friday, January 24, 2014

Things Are Looking Up

So far I have been able to only finish one of the projects  I want to finish in January.  But, Gibbs now has the next few days off, so I will have baby sitting help!  I plan on plowing through homework so I can spend some time at the sewing machine.  And to get onto the projects I want to get off the list in February.  And I have a book I really want to be able to sit down and digest - about the whole 'did Shakespeare really write the plays' controversy.  And some writing.  And maybe a hike or two since the weather is actually being cooperative.  I might have to drag Gibbs out as the baby carrier for a couple of walks.

Do you ever work on something, but wish it was over with so you could move on to the next thing?  I think I have ADD where some of my projects are concerned.

So starting tomorrow, there will be an extra set of hands where Lady K is concerned.  Menus are planned for the next few days and shopping is done.  I am off work until Sunday.  There will be progress on all fronts!

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