Saturday, January 18, 2014

Yeti Shawl Or I Won!

I was strolling through our local Ben Franklin craft store 3-4 months ago and they were having a yarn sale.  I saw this scarf made up with the Schachenmayr Argentina yarn in cream.  The cascade of lacy reminded me so much of something that Savvy would wear.  I have knit up this type of yarn before in one of these scarves and it goes quickly.

Being the brain that I am (insert hysterical laughter here), I decided rather than a scarf, I would make a shawl for her.  She often talks about how chilly she gets with the AC on and needs something to cover her shoulders.  To me this seemed the perfect yarn to make a lacy shawl - something light and airy enough not to be hot, but enough to keep out the chill.  And being all lacy, it would hit on her girly side really well.

So after all my Christmas traveling I pulled out the yarn and decided to whip up what I thought would be a quick knit.  HA!

My pattern was soooooo simple.  I pulled out about 3 yards of yarn and threaded it onto a set of Addi Turbo needles.  And then my plan was to knit into every other 'hole' in the edge of the yarn until I ran out of yarn.  Ah, but the simplest plans can be some of the hardest.

First off, if you happen to drop a stitch it is almost impossible to find it in all the froth.  Secondly, I had brownies or pixies or....

a Brosky (that's Savvy's name for her niece).  Anyway, I would lay it down and go back to knit some more and there would be a whole row 'dropped' out of the middle somehow or the yarn was all twisted up and there was no way to resume knitting.  I must have ripped out this shawl a dozen times.

Finally, I realized part of my problem were the Addi Turbo needles - they were too slick and I needed something with some 'grab' to help hold onto the yarn.  So I pulled out a size 15 wooden circular needle and started all over again.  After two attempts at knitting this shawl and ripping it all out again, I finally realized I could 'tie' the needle ends together and it held the shawl in place really well.

One episode of Downton Abbey and Les Miserables (Savvy would be proud to know those are knitted into the shawl) and this appeared.

A luscious fall of yarn.  All soft and cushy and beautiful.  It's big enough that it covers me around the shoulders and about down to my elbows.  On Savvy it will fall a little longer and have more of an overlap in front, although I can see it being worn a little 'off the shoulder' with a skimpy top and flowy skirt.

The pin I was given to be a fastener for it looks really nice.

(On the pin it does not show that gold edge, it's the early morning lighting.)  The bind-off with this yarn makes a nice edge to the top of the shawl.

So one project for the year is crossed off my list of works in progress I have laying around.  After all the trouble with this yarn, I was calling the shawl "Yeti" because it was a real monster.  But seeing it now I think I am going with "Snowfall".

I can't wait for Savvy to get the shawl and wear it.  I think hope she will enjoy a little 'Snowfall' in Arizona.

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  1. so glad you kept going .. it looks wonderful x I am sure she will find it keeps her shoulders warm x


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