Saturday, January 11, 2014

Looking Back to Look Forward

One of the things I have noticed on several sites is a look back at 2013.  One of my favorites, ihanna, gives 10 reasons why you should list your achievements.  It got me to thinking (which can be a sticky subject in itself)....

What exactly did I accomplish in 2013?

So while waiting for a repairman to show up at the house, I decided it would be a good exercise since I am working on my 2014 plans.

In 2103, I....

  • Retired from a company I had worked for for almost 34 years
  • Moved 2400 miles across country
  • Found a new part time job that I love
  • Completed NaNoWriMo for the first time in the years I tried
  • Read 33 books (I know that the list isn't really complete)
  • Started 8 quilts
  • Finished 3 baby quilts
  • Completed 4 knit hats
  • Made 4 complex bags
  • Made 2 fabric wrapped baskets
  • Created 1 yo-yo toy
  • Wrote 161 blog posts
  • Took 7130 pictures
  • Took 3 quilting classes (one is ongoing)

Now while this is not the sum total of my year, I do feel proud of myself, that is a very nice list of what I accomplished last year.  And while I don't anticipate another cross country move, it will be interesting to see what I can 'get up to' this year.

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