Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Serendipitous Day

I am a big fan of Jim Butcher.  And Diana Galbadon, George R. R. Martin and Sherrilyn Kenyon.  So when I saw an anthology edited by Martin and containing, among others, Galbadon, Butcher and Kenyon, I immediately put it on my Amazon wish list.  It also had the added benefit of being titled Dangerous Women.  But at $21 it was on my 'one-of-these-days' list, because containing these authors, I wanted MY copy.

At the library we have a cart we put out in the lobby for people to take books which the library has withdrawn or we have received as donations and can't use or don't want to use.  They are free to the public with the only limitation being no more than 2 books at a time per person.  I have to check it out occasionally to be sure there is nothing I 'need'.

On Tuesday, I darted out from my post during a lull to check it out.  Mainly I am looking for books to stockpile for Savvy.  Since I had taken a car load down to Arizona for her at Christmas, I am stocking up again for her.  As I am running a quick check on the cart, there, down on the bottom shelf is Dangerous Women!  A brand new, doesn't look like it was ever read, copy!

Needless to say, I almost hurt myself snatching it off the cart and running back to my locker with it.  And then I reunited a gentleman with his car keys he had dropped in the parking lot of the library.  

Boy, Tuesday was a really good day!

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I just ordered it for my husband.


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