Sunday, January 05, 2014

Systems Not Goals

Like many, I have declared my intentions, goals, plans, etc. for 2014.  I am awaiting delivery of my new calendar/planner to really get down to the day-to-day 'scheduling' of my ROUTINE (word for 2014).  (I say this as I am scraping off even more nail polish from my hand and nails that Lady K decided to anoint us all with last night, so I do realize life can't be totally scheduled.)

While sipping on my first cup of coffee of the day (yes, I have more than one) and glancing over my blog feed, I was pointed to this article on 'Forget Setting Goals' and how to focus on systems and not goals.  

When I read the article it really hit home with me.  I am already very self-critical (believe me, nothing you can say to me will be worse than how my inner critic can hit).  And the idea of goals being a way of saying we are not 'good enough' already and are chasing a sense of perfection, which dooms us to failure and even more self-criticism struck home.  The notion that by putting a system in place which we follow rather than striving toward some goal goes with my word of 2014 - ROUTINE.

Rather than having a 'goal' of losing xx number of pounds, the 'routine' of eating healthy and properly works for my mind (and body) so much easier.  I feel less like I am climbing a mountain than walking along a path.  Believe me, there are enough real mountains for me to try to walk up around here rather than creating my own.  And the scenery on those mountains is much nicer. 

So with selecting the word routine for 2014 I was already heading in what I feel is the correct direction for me and flows well with the whole idea of systems rather than goals.

(Hopefully, in the next few days I can get back to reporting on my process on some of my needlework/sewing projects.)

NOTE:  The mandala above was created using a picture of a calendar cover I          collaged a few years ago.  I really love how the purple iris became wings and the girl was mirrored so nicely.  Then the center portion reminds me of Persian tile.

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