Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Feel of a Good Mug

I have discovered there are two camps when speaking about Starbucks.  Either someone loves them or hates them.  To me, they are my luxury, my pampering of myself, my indulgence.

I fix good, old Folger's coffee at home just about every morning.  And into it I pour an embarassing amount of sugar and milk.  So I guess you could say that I have a latte every morning.  Personally, I blame my coffee preference on my grandparents who let me drink coffee this way when I was little and staying with them.  (And no, drinking coffee at a young age didn't stunt my growth - I'm 5'10".)

Starbucks is my 'thing'.  I rarely do a flavored coffee at home.  I just can't do them the same way.  Even the frappaccino's.  I have tried making some at home, but they are just not the same.  A Starbuck's Gold Card holder, I will drop a few dollars on it every time I get paid.  That way, not only am I funding my coffee habit, but I get a free drink every now and then.  But my real appreciation are their mugs.  Yes, they do have their logo plastered on most of them, a shameless bit of self advertising.  However, they 'feel' good.  

There is something about the way a mug or cup feels in your hands.  Whether you pick it up by the handle or by the body of the cup, it just has to 'fit'.  There has to be a sense of comfort and 'heft' to the mug.  And all their designs just fit nicely into my hand.  The one above I bought at the grocery store in their 50% off for Christmas items, so I don't rush out and buy every mug Starbucks comes out with (although I would love to).

My daughters know they can get me Starbucks as a gift any time.  They can't go wrong with a mug from Starbucks.  I even bought the bright, shiny Christmas red cup and saucer for Savvy and I for Christmas.

I have tried other mugs.  I fell in love with a set of 4 mugs Hallmark was offering one time.  They were almost a ball with an opening in the top.  They were textured and sea green with a wonderful Maya Angelou quote on the side.  A good friend bought them for me as a present.  I remember making a pot of coffee and pouring it into the mug and taking it over to my place on the couch to savor.  And spilling it all over myself.  Like many things in life, the mug was lovely, but just didn't work.  You couldn't drink out of it without spilling what was inside all over yourself unless you were very, very careful.  It wasn't long before they became flower vases.

So here is to the person or persons at Starbucks who selects the cups and mugs they sell.  They know what a coffee/tea mug is suppose to be - a holder of liquid comfort, a friend to share the quiet of morning with.

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  1. I dont drink coffee .. but I DO drink tea ... The feel and the shape of the cup is soooo important .. bone china when at home xx make do when Im out .. but as you say when you find somewhere that has that "right" cup ... you go back .. and back x


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