Thursday, January 09, 2014

Finally a Fiber Post

I have been watching everyone else (well, it seems like everyone) discuss all their new projects and completions already in 2014.  Me, I'm kind of limping along on the fiber front.  Actually, I have been ripping along.  

Saturday afternoon I was in charge of Lady K while Texter was a work and decided to work on something 'simple'.  Something I could pick up and put down without issue.  I had two skeins of this white ribbon yarn and planned on making something for Savvy with it.

Normally it is used to knit/crochet a quick scarf.  By knitting it, it naturally corkscrews around and makes this lovely cascade of yarn.  However, in Arizona she doesn't really need a scarf.  But she does need something to throw over her shoulders at times as a barrier against the air conditioner.  So I came up with this idea of taking the yarn and making it into a 'cape-let'.  Figured the layers of the yarn would make a really nice, lacy, girly drape.

I pulled out a 3 yard length and that was my measurement for the width of the shawl.  Since it does draw up somewhat during the knitting, it would still give a nice length to go over her shoulders.  I even had in mind of finding/making a pin so that if she wanted to pin it and not have to worry about it falling off she could.  I mentioned something about it at work and one of my co-workers brought me in a selection of pin she had in her jewelry box and wasn't using.  I picked this silver leaf, thinking it was a nice addition to my 'vision'.

And with the Star Wars marathon going on, I started knitting, keeping one eye on the knitting and the other on Lady K.  So for 3-4 hours I knitted along and was getting this really lovely cascade of froth. While knitting with this yarn is super simple, the problem is that the yarn is rolled up on itself.  As you knit you have to 'open' up the yarn as you go along.  It's not a difficult knit, it is just a little time consuming, having to stop and open up the yarn for a length and then resuming knitting.  

I was through one skein of yarn and starting on the second skein when I had to put it down.  My plan was to pick it back up on Sunday night, after work, when I was watching 'Downton Abbey'.  What could be more appropriate than a shawl while watching this period piece?

However, between Saturday and Sunday, the yarn pixies apparently decided they needed to help.  When I started working on it on Sunday I had apparently gotten something twisted around and what was on my circular needles was not what I thought I had left there on Saturday.

So this is what is the yarn looks like now.....

A big pile of yarn, ripped out and needing to be wound back into a ball so I can start over again.  With homework fairly light this first week, I might get some knitting in the next couple of days.  After all, I have the pin to go with it already.

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  1. hope you sorted it out .. esp as that pin is just too beautiful to not be used x


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