Thursday, June 11, 2015

Garden Update

We have been having a bit of rain over the past week or so, and with the warmer temperatures, my 'garden' has taken off.  I moved a few things around this morning, but will have to start tying the tomatoes to the balcony railing shortly for support.  I do have a few pots where I need to replace what's in them with something else.  Maybe a stop at the nursery on my way home from the exercise coach today.

The spinach needs replacing, as it is bolting heavily.  Did get a nice bag or two off of it.

The peppers are setting fruit and this is the tiny, mini-bell in purple.

Lady K's pot of dahlias and pansies is probably the prettiest of the flowers now.

My hollyhock (black one) is finally taking off.  Hopefully, by the time it comes to have it go dormant for the winter, we will be in a house with an area I can transplant it to.

Broccoli was a disappointment.  Tiny head that exploded in blooms.  They need to go and be replaced with something else. 

My mint is taking off...chocolate and apple mint and some lemon balm.

The plants are short, but super full and flowers with fruit set on both.  I will soon have to tie them up for support.

Tomato row!

Yesterday at the library someone dropped off a huge box of books.  Unfortunately, we can't use textbooks and usually put them out on our donation cart for anyone to take.  This time, I pounced like a starving animal on the box and begged to be allowed to have it.

Nursing textbooks!  And Texter is starting in the fall on her way to a nursing career.  While they are not the newest editions of any of them, they are a great reference and a couple of them she might actually be using in her classes to come.  What really thrilled me were the Anatomy Flash Cards.  She was excited with the haul of books.  She is also one of those people who enjoys reading reference books.  So a double win on this score and thanks to whomever donated the books.  They dumped them and ran without even getting a receipt for the donation.

So day is going to be a 'slow' day here at the apartment.  I haven't been sleeping well the past few nights (and neither have some of my friends, so it's not just me) and I plan a lazy day off.  Hopefully, by the end of the day I will feel motivated enough to get in some 'mileage' before bedtime.

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