Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week in Review - June 21 - June 27

Alphabet quilt on design 'wall'.  Now I know how to put the strips together
  • Adjustments made on Elsa costume
  • Laid out alphabet blocks and have half the top sewn together
  • Completed some rounds on La Passacaglia
  • Babysat a friend's cats while family on vacation
  • Reported a plumbing issue (no water) while they are miles away
  • Toured house a second time with realtor and made an offer
  • accepted counter offer on the house - now for the inspection and appraisal
  • went for drinks at Triple Divide (they are releasing a Spiced Rum this week)
  • completed Quilt Hop of LQS
  • planned out trip to Arizona to pick up CJ's 'stuff' and bring back
  • Almost completed Rosette #1 on La Passacaglia
  • picked up fabric for my peony quilt
  • walked 41,923 steps or 19.34 miles with 82 active minutes (well below what I want, but I don't do 'hot')
  • read 2 books
  • wrote 5 posts
This coming week will be a doozy.  

  • Savvy signing more papers on the house and dropping off earnest check
  • Getting oil changed and the air conditioner in the car charged (and hope that solves the lack of cold air)
  • Quick round trip to Arizona to pick up CJ's stuff and the cats
  • Hopefully, a drive-through of Bryce Canyon on the trip down to Arizona
  • Work 3 days at the library
  • Catch up on podcasts and audio books during the drive
So there will be little time for sewing in the coming days.  Or much of anything for that matter.  My steps will be really low next week, between the heat and the trip to Arizona.  Hopefully, I will get the rest of the top of the alphabet quilt together and a block I am contributing to a quilt.  Maybe even getting 'Peony' cut out today.

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  1. Thanks for being awesome and catching the water problem! It would have been the pits to get home and have none today!


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