Sunday, June 21, 2015

Week In Review - June 21

  • Cut out pieces for two rosettes for La Passacaglia
  • Started my Big Sky Quilt Shop Hop by visiting 4 local shops
  • Lead writing group meeting
  • Visit two more stores (I didn't know existed) for my local Quilt Shop Hop - 2 more to go
  • Savvy and CJ pre-approved for a house!
  • Watched a friend's cats while she and her family were on vacation - and raided her peonies
  • A little photoshop play with a picture of peonies
  • 7 posts written

Added a few fabrics to my stash for the shop hop.  The black and white feather piece I plan to add around my 'bird' centers.  Or make it into a center of it's own with some fussy cutting.  The other 4 pieces I bought at 3 different shops on 2 different days.  It wasn't until I got home and put them all together did I realize they had common colors and would work together.  Some fussy cutting with the last two pieces and using the other two as accents.

Lady K got in the fabric selection mode and picked out a piece all by herself.  So I have a strip of fabric which is her new 'blankie' and gets wrapped around stuffed animals.  I can see her input in the future.

The start of Rosette #2 for the La Passacaglia quilt.  Can't wait to add more rounds to it and see it in it's full glory.

Activity wise, not as impressive as I would like. 
  • 57,473 steps or 26.46 miles
I didn't hit my goal of 10,000 every day.  So maybe starting tomorrow.  Today is going to be a slow, easy day!

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