Thursday, June 18, 2015

Yet ANOTHER Move...

I have made many moves in my 57 years on this planet.  Some of them were made for me (when I was a child) and a lot of them as an adult.  As much as I am THRILLED Savvy is getting her own home (for all of us), I am DREADING the actual move.  In fact, I have said I would pack, I would unpack, but I am just beyond the actual toting boxes and moving!

They have their eye on a particular house already.  The wonderful thing about it (beyond the fact it will hold all of us), is that it is only about 5 blocks from work.  A quick, on foot, commute for me.  But as I sit here this morning, I am visualizing where things will go in the new place.  What needs to be done when we move in (curtains and painting).  What long term projects will be in place. 

Most of all I am imagining the front porch on this house.  It runs the width of the house and is wide and covered.  As I sip my morning coffee, I am thinking about sitting on the porch, the dogs running a bit in the tiny front yard.  Planning what I want to plant where in the yard and still leave room for dogs and Lady K to scamper about.

And then there is the chance now to get the stuff out of storage in North Carolina and bring it to Montana.  I am sssoooo dreading that portion of this whole thing.  It will be nice to have the items here finally.  Like my dress makers dummy.  But I really, really don't want to have to go back to North Carolina and drive a truck back with it.  But that is a project a few months after we get in.

So plans and lists are running through my head.  I know this will be the last move for quite a while for me, of which I am so grateful.  It will be fun to make improvements to this house with Carolina and CJ, but have the bottom line their worry, not mine.

Now where are those boxes?

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