Saturday, June 20, 2015

Weekend Plans

Since I worked on my day off (and laugh that 5 hours in the library is working), I realize I have a fairly full weekend planned.  Today, Texter and Lady K and I are dropping Savvy off at work and going to a friend's house to take care of her cats and then off to Tizer Botanical Gardens for their "Bee Day" fun.  Activities for Lady K, plus 3 acres of garden to run around in.  There is also a Dutch Oven demonstration and dinner, besides making a mason bee house, so fun for all. 

I am loving having this vase of peonies by my bed.  If Christine knew how therapeutic they were, she would charge me for them!  They are my 'payment' for watching here kitties (who are annoyed their humans aren't there to cuddle with and boss around).

Kimberly Wilson at Tranquil Space is a big fan of buying peonies as a treat for yourself and your soul.  Along with a cup of special tea.  Haven't fit the tea in yet, but loving the peonies all the same.  With the house buying in the works, WHEN we get this house, I have already planned in my mind, a row of peonies and roses in front of the porch.  The house has just the perfect spot for them.  And I have a spot or two for lilacs too.  Next year, I might have my own peonies.  But I'll still come raid and ravage Christine's!

So Saturday is pretty much full.  Hopefully, when we get home this evening, Lady K will go right to bed and I can get some work done on La Passacaglia. Or my crochet.  Either will do. Then Sunday will be a day where I sit and stitch after a bit of house work.  I would like to get the two rosettes I have cut out, finished up.

My problem right now is the vase of peonies has inspired me to want a quilt in soft, shabby chic pinks.  The quilt shop hop I am doing with LQS has a mystery quilt pattern they are giving out directions to at each stop.  I think I am going to use that quilt to make up a 'peony' quilt.  I am seeing a quilt backed with a soft flannel print to snuggle down in on the couch or porch while reading.  Just what I need, another project!

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