Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Project List(s)

While going through all my bins a couple of weeks ago, I made a list of WIP (work's in progress) and then those projects where I had the materials, but had not started on them in any way.  I need to quit my job and lock myself in my room is what I discovered.  

The projects I currently have 'out' on my table to work on are as follows:

  • Dr. Who scarf - 1/3 of the way through for both the adult and child scarf
  • Sophie's Universe CAL - on round 39 of 'a bunch'
  • 2 flannel baby quilts - tops/bottoms done, just need batting and then stitching
  • La Passacaglia - long way to go, but a couple of the inner rosettes done.  Need a day to play with combinations

Other projects which are 'out of the closet' are:

  • flannel alphabet block quilt
  • hexies from scraps
Something I know is coming up over the next year that have to have priority are:
  • Steampunk outfit for Savvy - probably 'hunter' motif
  • Steampunk outfit for me
  • Mad Hatter outfit for Texter
  • "True Grit" outfit for Big Read at the library
So basically, at least 3 outfits for Miscon 30 next year in Missoula.  And to participate fully in the Big Read at the library in October, I need some 'homesteader' style Western garb as our book for 2015 is True Grit.

So what projects do I have in my closet which are started that need to be finished?
  • Mariner's Compass - a Judy Niemeyer paper piecing quilt and the recent quilt show reinforces my love of her quilts.  But this is on I need less 'helping' and more solitude to concentrate on
  • "Joy" Quilt - quilt class I was taking, but had to stop due to family issues at the time.  I need to pick it back up again (stopped at the flying geese strips)
  • Grinch Quilt - top is done, need to figure out the back and then ready to put it all together and quilt.  Probably an in-the-ditch quilting job on my machine, since flannel and will be used all over everywhere.  
  • 'One-Block-Wonder' quilt - medallions done, just need to decide on final placement.  Have border fabric selected and ready to go
  • Christmas Stocking for Lady K - I have a cross-stitch pattern for a Christmas stocking.  This goes back to my roots in needlework
  • 'Spark' quilt - a black/grey quilt, large lap size, just need to finish up top and then select a backing
  • 'Coral Bells' Quilt - a stash buster quilt which I have done only a couple of blocks on.  Right now it has a really low priority
  • Fingerless Mitt - need to finish the second mitt up so I will be two-handed, rather than one-handed
  • Yellow Shawl - started and dropped
  • Oaklet Shaw - once again, started and dropped
  • Green Cowl - all I need to do is find the button I got for it and put it on and pull it out of the bin to use this coming winter
  • Black Cowl - need to finish this up for a friend.  But it's a quick project and with summer here, I'll move it to August or September to pick up and work on
  • Flannel Alphabet Block Quilt - need to decide on placement of squares and if I need to add more blocks to it
  • Orange Quilt - just needs quilting and binding      FINISHED!
  • Spicy Table Runner - needs backing selected and then quilted.  We have a table now I can use it on. 
So basically a list of 19 projects already underway.  Not to mention there might be another quick quilt done for a friend of Texter's to go with the baby quilts, depending if I win an 'orphan' quilt project or not.

The list of projects where I have the materials, but haven't started on them yet are as follows:
  • Geisha Art Quilt - this one is for Savvy and I need a couple more pieces of fabric for the borders.  A big quilt and one, when finished, I will definitely send out to be quilted by a professional.
  • Color Bubbles Quilt - another art quilt I have the design for and need to work on.  Love the fabric which inspired the quilt.
  • Owl Quilt - will probably move to the top of the pile since I have all the fabrics for the top and it is for Lady K.  A twin size quilt (if I remember correctly)
  • Purple socks - have yarn, needles and pattern
  • Fingerless mittens - another pair of fingerless mitts
  • Purple variegated socks - bulky socks which I need to move to the top of the pile
  • Slitheran socks - for Savvy, have yarn and pattern, but they are knee socks and my track record, so far with socks, isn't great
  • Fox Cowl - again, for Savvy, have bulky yarn needed, quick weekend project
  • Black Booties - for Texter, have the bulky yarn, another quick weekend project
  • Wandering Star Quilt - a Judy Niemeyer, have pattern and fabric
  • Blackwork Piece - very low priority, if at all.  It was from the Embroider's Guild out of Great Falls which I joined when we were there.  Maybe when I get the 'needlework' feeling
  • Snuggle Time Panel - for Lady K, a nursery panel which just needs batting cut and sewn together to be embroidered as the quilting method
  • Moda "State of Grace" Quilt - quilt in a tin I got off eBay.  Need the background fabric.  Low priority.  Might repurpose the jelly roll into something else.
  • Crazy 8 Table Topper - just need to cut out and sew up.  Need backing fabric.
  • Nursery Quilt - another panel to sew up and embroider for the quilting method
  • Geisha Quilt kit - Asian themed quilt top, just need to cut out and stitch up
  • Tree of Life Kit - my panel to put together
  • Map of the World Afghan - a project I have wanted to do for decades
Seventeen projects on this list, although a couple might be knocked off entirely and repurposed for something else.

I really like having these lists in front of me.  I now have a more concrete idea of what needs to be done and where to go with my fabric and fiber.  Of course, being the person I am, I am sure there will be items dropped in on the lists as time goes by.  But we will see what I can cross off this summer.  Since school is over with for me (at least for the next few years), I will have more time to devote to stitching in all forms - Lady K permitting.

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  1. Oh my goodness you are one ambitious quilter Judy! Hee hee - yes quitting your job and locking yourself away to sew is the only solution.
    I wonder how scared I would get if I tallied up my list of Quilty plans?


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