Sunday, June 14, 2015

Week In Review - "Flannelly" Done

This week was devoted to 'flannel'.  Polishing off most of my flannel stash in fact.  I went a bit crazy a couple of years ago when we first moved to Montana and Joann's had their flannel on sale.  I've made 2-3 other baby blankets and a huge floor pillow with it.  Not to mention my alphabet squares (which will hopefully get worked on this coming week).  But now it's basically gone.  I have a few small pieces left, but it's gone - and leaving room for more fabric to take it's place.

So last week I did the following:
  • Completed Elsa costume for friend
  • sorted through a bag of scraps and cut additional squares for my alphabet quilt
  • used precut flannel squares and made a small (24 x 18) quilt top with HST - my points suck, but then it's a baby quilt to be thrown around
  • Finished up orange quilt
  • Sewed button on green cowl (finally)
  • sewed up two baby quilts and Texter helped with tying the quilts
  • started and finished 9 flannel pillow cases to rid myself of the majority of my flannel stash
  • went by Prickly Pear Quilts and picked up my local shop hop form
  • 6 posts written

  • made 4 out of 7 days over my goal of 10,000 steps
  • had an appointment with my exercise coach who wants me to consistently stay 10,000-11,000 steps for the day and 'keep it in the green', meaning strive for an activity level which gives me more of a workout and shows my bars in green.
  • total for the week - 70,963 steps/32.83 miles/348 active miles
  • did 3.62 miles under 20 minutes a mile, which is super good for me
And I have a confession to make.  I can get a tad competitive.  And my good friend and co-worker, CS and I are linked through fitbit.  We can see what the other person is doing.  This week, despite my valiant efforts - SHE WAS BEATING ME!  Can I say 'pouty' over here!  I was soaking in the tub last night, bumming because she had more steps than I did for the week.  Then it hit me.  I should be thanking her!  So I backed my thinking up a bit.  Most weeks I do edge her out in steps.  In fact, overall, to date, I've probably put in more steps than she does.  Not many, but some.  The fact she was ahead of me in steps yesterday had me out walking laps around the lake rather than going home and sitting down, sewing or something.  It had me putting in an hour of activity I wouldn't have done otherwise, I'm sure.  Instead of getting all cranky about being 'beat', I should be celebrating the fact we are both up and moving and exercising a bit more than we normally would.  The number of steps I did last week gives me a daily average of 10,000 steps, just what the coach wants.  So I am aiming for another 70,000 plus week ahead - but not today.  Today is a day of rest for me!

But what started out as two baby quilts for a friend of Texter's in need (left side, circle border and plain green border), turned into 2 blankets and 9 pillow cases.)  Four of the pillow cases are currently in use by Lady K and me.  You have to reward your 'helper', don't you?  Two more will go with the baby blankets and the other two will stay here.  We are all multiple pillow users on our beds.  They might be a little juvenile looking, but hey, soft flannel pillow cases can't be beat. 

Today will be spend doing some hand sewing and laying out the alphabet blocks and lazying around.

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