Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Quilting Dilemma

I have this problem.  Actually, I have more than one problem, but I'm only going to discuss my quilting conflict now.  It seems I HAVE to make two quilts.  I am compelled to.  It started with this.

The  peonies.  I now want a quilt with soft pinks and whites and maybe backed with a flannel in similar tones.  I see it very 'shabby chic'.  

But then after a day at Tizer Botanical Gardens, I also want (and have to have) a really bold, floral quilt.  Maybe with Kaffe prints?  Something like this quilt...


Now I have added two quilts to my 'have to do' list.  I think the peony quilt will be made using the mystery pattern from the shop hop.  And I think I have to become a 'Kaffe' collector so I can do the other quilt. Oh, and of course, there is the 'Elizabeth' quilt I have to make for Savvy with the Tula Pink Collection.

I need more hours in the day (and money!) 

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  1. Glad I can help with your quilt making addiction... Should I plant roses next?


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