Tuesday, June 09, 2015

It's Finally Finished

Actually, I have had two finishes over the past couple of days, so I am feeling rather productive.

Not that you can really tell much, but this is an Elsa dress for a friend to wear during a couple of activities she has upcoming.  It was fairly quick and easy and you made your own pattern.  She wanted my assistance with the costume and pointed me in the direction of SheKnows.com.  The directions were clear and easy to follow and it worked.  I did add a bit of elastic on the back to stop some gapping, but other than that, just measure, cut and stitch.

The other is this orange quilt which I started before we left for Montana!  I mentioned it in a post the start of 2013.  So two years later, I finally pull it out of the bin and quilt it.  It was my first use of my walking foot and I have a long, long way to go using it. 

But considering my sewing 'room' looks like this, I really don't think I can complain too much.  At least I am getting behind a sewing machine.

The dogs really don't care for my sewing table being here in the bedroom as it 'inhibits' their ability to get on and off the bed.

But it's finished, or better or worse, and I am actually sitting on it at the present time.  It's on my computer/sewing/writing chair to use when I get chilly.

The patterns is the Disappearing 4-Patch and the fabric (if I remember correctly is a Kate Spade).  My able-bodied assistant at the bottom tried to 'helping' several times during the process.  I'm not much of an orange fan, but this works.  The orange backing I was lucky enough to get as the end of the bolt and on sale too.

I checked two projects off my list and Texter added a couple more.  A friend of her's, in Wyoming, had her house flooded out.  Luckily, it's a two story house, but still they have lost a lot of their belongings.  And of course, insurance won't cover everything.  Even worse, she has two small children.  So Texter went through my stash of flannel and picked out some for me to make two baby quilts to send to them.  The tops/backs are sewn together and I just need to get into the closet in Savvy's room for the batting, which I will probably do after work today.  Hopefully, I will have them done in the next couple of days and in the mail to them. Now I have something to post to "Show and Tell Tuesday".

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