Sunday, January 07, 2018

Week In Review - December 31 - January 6

The week started the new year out with a full moon and some great sunrises and sunsets - once the clouds and the inversion moved out. It's been cold, snowy and did I mention cold all week. 

And this morning, stepping outside with the dogs, it was practically balmy! Which means it will be a slushy week.

The first week of the year started out with retiring last year's planner...all nicely chunky and full. Now in a new Hobonichi planner for 2018.

The first project finish of the year. It started out as a scrap afghan which was supposed to be lap size. I had wrapped it around Lady K one night and she turned it over to her mother to use on her bed. It actually covers a double bed and is nicely heavy. 

The "On Ringo Lake" Mystery Quilt was revealed and I am waaaayyyyy behind (the last 3 weeks were sped up). It has tons of little parts which I need to put together into one big quilt. And it's boring to have to trim 200 pieces or so for each part.

I think my plan will be to trim and put together blocks to make the big blocks a little at a time. Trim, connect, and do it again. Maybe.  But I have one block done.

And I am using the scraps from making these blocks to do some 'funky blocks' as I go along.

I'll make them as I go along and one day turn them into a scrap quilt.

I also found a line of fabric I fell for, "Blushing Peonies". I initially bought a 1/2 yard of the gray floral and a charm pack and have been making 'square in a square' style blocks.

I have a 'plan' for the layout, using the different colorways of the floral as full blocks and everything set on point. After laying it out, I need a sashing between the blocks to make them stand out. I think I will be using one of the greens as my sashing for the blocks. But it's my 'when I have a couple of dollars to buy some more fabric' quilt.

One thing I noticed is while I haven't ever been drawn to 'orange' in any of it's shades and tones, the two things I am sewing on now is, well, orange!

And....(drumroll please)

I have infected Texter with the cross stitch craze.

My first love, and something I haven't done in quite some time, is needlework, primarily cross stitch. In talking to a friend back in North Carolina, Ms. C, I had the bug to pick up cross stitch again. And then I found this...

First, it's the artist whose tarot cards I have and absolutely love. Second, there are foxes on it. Third, it happened to be my 'card of the week' I had drawn and it had a female figure and 2 foxes on it. It fit so well with me, Texter and Kayden in where we are currently. So I bought the pattern and Texter bought the supplies and I am stitching this jewel. Did I mention that everything you see in the picture is a solid cross stitch. It's all cross stitched.

But then Texter decided she wanted to give cross stitch a try and now is halfway through her first little piece - of a fox, of course. She is finding it relaxing and is loving it. She will finish hers long before I finish my piece.

Otherwise this week...

  • Finished 1 book
  • Wrote 4 posts
  • Texter picked up her books for her last semester
  • won a pattern at The Sewing Palace Winter Carnival

The coming week will be the last week of Texter's break before she starts her last semester. She is excited, dreading it, tons of emotions all wrapped up together.

For myself...

  • Pull out a knitting or crochet WIP to finish up
  • Write up several posts I have planned on
    • current projects
    • current planners
    • couple of book reviews
  • Update my list of fiber and fabric projects
  • Start work on my spirit journal
  • 30 minute massage on Wednesday

But in the meantime, more coffee, sausage and biscuits for breakfast and more sewing.

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